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Biography :  Eric Reese was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended the Community College in the city. He works as a community organizer and is an advocate for social justice, particularly for youth of color and was the recipient of the first Mayoral Scholarship of Philadelphia (1993) and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Human Relations Award (1989). Eric has always been interested in writing and it was no surprise when he began producing books, many of them on African American culture and social issues, with a smattering of fiction, poetry and mystery thrown in. His first offering was There and Now (Volume 1), in November 2016, and since then his prolific nature has seen him now with more than 20 titles in print, with e-book and audio versions also available. When he has some time to himself, Eric loves to read and writes across numerous genres. He also enjoys traveling, playing video games and is a huge fan of many of the most popular sports. He once lived on a rooftop in Beirut until he could somewhere more suitable and wherever he has gone in the world his lively and energetic character has made him many friends. In the future, Eric would love it if one of his books was to be made into a movie. In the meantime, however, he is content to keep writing great books that people love reading. He now lives in California, where he loves the warmth of year-round sun. You can contact Eric Reese at

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