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Biography :  Suzy Davies is author of "Snugs The Snow Bear," Book One of a brand new Children/Young Adult Fiction Series. The hallmarks of Suzy's writing are strong characterisation and a sense of place. Suzy was inspired to write this book when she sighted "The Isle of Wight Polar Bear" a magical optical illusion that locals in Bournemouth, England, all know about! The story of Suzy's inspiration fro her series has made front page news in The isle of Wight County Newspaper Online, and world-famous animator of Michael Bond's "Paddington Bear," and Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories," Sheila Graber, has read "Snugs The Snow Bear," too, and praised the activities of Suzy's characters. They may well collaborate in the future! A British author, Suzy now resides in Florida with her American writer husband, not far from Daytona Beach. When she is not writing, Suzy likes to commune with nature. She also enjoys reading, cooking, mall-shopping, and going to music gigs.

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