Be The Light Volume 2

Be The Light Volume 2

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The Be The Light series is designed to serve as a devotional and/or reference style book that introduces faith-based concepts in a way that youth can apply to their daily lives. Volume 2 starts to delve deeper into these topics and contains interactive discussion points to stimulate conversation and deeper thought for journaling. Be The Light is a Christian-based series developed for children ages 9-16 but may also appeal to other youth based on their level of maturity. The books are designed to either be worked through by an adult and child together or for the child to work through independently. Be The Light is being utilized by individuals, families, as a tool for Christian/Catholic schools, Vacation Bible Schools, Christian camps, discussion groups, Sunday School, youth in hospitals, foster care, detention centers, and homeless shelters, and it makes a wonderful gift for Communion and Confirmation students.

About the Author


Denise Rezsonya is a Christian Author and Speaker who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and two children. Denise combines her deep faith in God with her passion for inspiring others in her work. Denise is a youth mentor and advocate, and is committed to helping today's teens and families succeed and thrive. Denise is also the author of Be The Light Volumes 1 and 2, and is currently writing adult conversational style devotional called Keeping It Real, which will release in the Fall of 2015. You can read Denise’s blog and connect with her through her website at or on Facebook at In addition to her writing and speaking, Denise will be launching the Be The Light show on Hamilton County Television and Radio on September 1, 2015. This show will air weekly on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. EST and can be watched live or streamed via The sole intent of this show is to educate and positively impact today’s youth and families.