Due Process

Due Process

By   Publisher  lulu.com

ISBN  1291507310

ANSI  1291507310

Published in   Action & Adventure, Mystery Thrillers,


How quickly can life spiral out of control? Never run away from the past because it will catch you. Eventually. Amanda thought her life was perfect. Handsome husband. Clever child. Lovely home. Then it all started to crumble. First her husband is abducted, then her child. Is it something from her husband’s work as a criminal lawyer? Maybe an unhappy client, or perhaps he knew too much about one of his less upstanding clients. The Police have little to go on so Amanda begins to investigate herself. She eventually realises that ghosts from her past are chasing her, and the only way to save her family is to face her tormentor.

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Nothing remains a secret for long as the past quickly catches up with Amanda as her comfortable life falls apart.

About the Author

Jane Finch

I have always needed to write. I remember at school sneaking to the far end of the playing field at break times with paper and pen and just scribbling down short stories and poems. Now after twenty-five years working in English Law I am free to write and that's what I tend to do all day - together with reviewing other people's work and turning my hand to script-writing.