Essence of Existence: Brief story of matter and people

Essence of Existence: Brief story of matter and people

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The book is a short narrative that explains basics for understanding the origin of cosmos, life, Homo sapiens and early development of the human society. This is an amazing story that you will find interesting, useful and comprehensible if you need or want to become more well-read on these subjects.

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From atomic particles to man: that's the amazing story briefly outlined in this book in an easy narrative style. The book can help its readers – inquisitive adolescents or lay adults who'd enjoy a brief guidance to the basics – to quick understanding of relatively complex natural events.

Do you write full time or part time

Part time.

What inspired you to create this book

The describes information that, despite being fascinating to me, wasn’t necessary for my profession. It took me a long time to collect it. My inspiration for writing Essence of Existence was a desire to make it easier and faster for my grandchildren to gain the same knowledge.

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Life-long reading of non-fiction books.

About the Author

Paul Roman

Paul is a retired architect and now occasionally teaches downhill skiing. He writes on subjects of natural science and society development to clarify and expand his world perception and records it for interested adolescent youth and lay adults. Right now he is working on the sequel to his first book. As an architect, he is typically a generalist rather than a specialist. That's why he strives to get to the essences of things quickly, and then describe them briefly. Paul escaped the communist tyranny in the country of his birth in 1968 and has lived in Canada ever since.