To Be A Superhero


Suspense, Inspirational, Life changing, Time Travel and Life saving. A Father usually reads his kids a fictional story before they go to bed. The content is usually a comic book story or cartoon story. This one night in particular the father reads his kids a story that was based on real superheroes. The book is based on these are 3 people who reacted in fast time, Fast thinking and fast paced situations to save a human life. Travel with me now as we read “To Be A Superhero”.

What is the Tag Line for your book? (A short description of your book in a sentence or two)

Going above and beyond to save a human life. Being a hero without the super powers and fancy capes.

Do you write full time or part time

I write fulltime.

How do you structure your day when you write

I structure my day by writing 3 hours a day.

Why do you write? (Example; For fun, to make extra money, a personal experience you want to share with the public)

For fun and incorporating personal experiences as well.

What are you working on right now / or your most recent work

An aventure book with stories of a fantasy land.

What inspired you to create this book

My Mother, Father and close friends.

What genre do you write in and why did you choose it

Sci Fi, Drama, Fantasy and Thriller.

How much research did you do on your book? (If it applies)

About 3 months worth.

How do you think you have evolved creatively from when you first started writing until now

Oh the creativity is over flooding in my brain with all sorts of great ideas.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book for you

Creating characters that were life like.

What was the most rewarding

The Audience feedback of how much it inspired them or how much they liked it.

If you had to start over, is there anything you would do different

No it turned out just how I wanted it to.

How have you evolved from when you first started writing until now

Yes I have evolved to a level that is truly great.

Are you a planner type person, or do you prefer to dive right in when you write

I prefer to dive right in and write. It's always great when ideas come to life.

How much dialogue do you have with your readers

Not much at the moment but I'm hoping that will change swiftly.

Do they influence your writing

Yes they do, I think there stories are the most captivating.

Do you recommend being a part of a support groups to help you with your writing

Sure you never get tired of working.

Do you work with an editor If so, how much input do they have

I work with Author House they are the editors of my book.

Was there anyone in your past that you think influenced your writing

My Mom and my Dad they always influenced my writing they loved my stories.

Do you have any tips or useful resources on marketing

Pitch your book as much as possible get the word out.

How are you publishing this book? (Indie / self-published, traditional)


What are your thoughts on book series

I love them my current book to be a superhero is a 4 book series.

How long do you think a book should be? (Pages or words)

A book can be told in as little as 10 pages or much, much more.

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers

No but I am learning.

What advice would you give to your younger self today

Listen to yourself inside build your confidence only you can make it happen.

What is your favorite book or film

My Favorite book is The Never Ending Story and my favorite film is Superman by Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve.

If you don’t already have one, do you have plans to have a book trailer and what are your thoughts on them overall

Yes I do and I believe book trailers help builds the PR that the book needs to get noticed.

What are you working on next

A Fantasy Book.

When you get frustrated, how do you deal with it

I listen to my favorite New Age Rock music group E.S. Posthumus.

What advice would you give a writer that is just starting out

Get as much free information for your book as possible.

About the Author


Vaudry Clinkscale is Washington DC writer who was mostly inspired from his parents. His mother Gloria W. Simpson had a book made for him on his 6th birthday the book was a story that had all of his cartoon heroes in this book that told an incredible story of how his cartoon heroes went on an adventure to make it to Vaudry’s 6 year of birthday party. This book inspired him to create to be a superhero. Also the guidance of his father that always told him he was a great writer with a great imagination to bring stories to life.