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Biography :  Deborah is the visionary of Pink Treasures Foundation and the author of the book Grace For The Journey, A Survival Guide After The Diagnosis. This book transparently shares Deborah's life story as she overcame overwhelming, life threatening circumstances to walk in victory. Grace For The Journey is a book of inspiration and empowerment. It is a must read for those experiencing an ordeal of any kind. A reader's review said that "Grace For The Journey is for anyone on a journey, those coming out of a journey, and for those on their way into a journey". It was in the midst of a personal breast cancer journey in 2012 that she was inspired to write and blog. Pink Treasures inspirational blog, "The Inspirational Gem" has encouraged more than 7,500 viewers around the world. It was through the entries in this blog that Grace For The Journey was inspired. The blog address is Pink Treasures Foundation partners with other organizations to provide support for mammograms, diagnostic screenings, and other means of support for cancer patients. She is a wife, mother of three children, and has three grandchildren. Deborah desires to live a life that exemplifies to others the importance of making purpose the priority. Deborah believes the scripture that says that all things work together for good for those who love God and shares it amazingly through the pages in this book. She also believes that regardless of the journey that you face God's grace will see you through. Her mantra is "Living Life on PURPOSE"!

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