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Biography :  I'm a content marketer, graphic designer, and I also have my own personal favorites I love to write about. This is where the eBooks come in to play. When I ghostwriter for my clients, I write whatever they need - whether its my personal favorite or not. I have over 1,000 blogs/articles under my belt along with a few eBooks. I create my own book covers, edit my own work, and make sure it's all good. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a Masters in Human Services/Executive Leadership, and am currently working on a Master's in Pastoral Counseling/addictions cognate at Liberty University. My new website is and I'm working on making lots of changes still. It's only up because there's no reason I can't get exposure even while I'm in the creative process. I have 2 affiliates with the site - and have never done this before - trying my hand at something new.

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