Fragments of Fear: Twenty tales of terror to chill and thrill you to the very bone (Volume 1)

Fragments of Fear: Twenty tales of terror to chill and thrill you to the very bone (Volume 1)

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Don’t look behind you… If you want to read some stories that will break you into a cold sweat and make you quicken your step as you walk down that dark alleyway, this is the book for you. For your convenience, these tasty morsels of mayhem are bite sized. All are under five hundred words long. Perfect length for a quick commute or a wait in the doctor’s office. Can each of these stories really scare you or make you cringe in a mere five hundred words? Step inside and see…

What is the Tag Line for your book? (A short description of your book in a sentence or two)

Twenty tales of terror to chill and thrill you to the bone.

Do you write full time or part time

Right now I'm in a transition phase. I'm retired and try to write as often as I can, but life has a way of making full time writing challenging to say the least.

How do you structure your day when you write

Get up, send the kids off to school, write, do chores, work on marketing for book, cook supper, put kids to bed, write, go to bed.

Why do you write? (Example; For fun, to make extra money, a personal experience you want to share with the public)

I love writing. I have been addicted to it for several years now. Would I like to make money at it? Sure, but even if I never make a cent, I'll still keep writing. One of my favorite things is when a reader tells me how much they liked a line or paragraph that I'm particularly proud of writing.

What are you working on right now / or your most recent work

My crime fiction novel has recently been signed by a publisher. I'm about to self-publish the second volume of my short horror stories 'Fragments of Fear'. I've started editing my third volume of Fragments of Fear. I also submit short stories to contests.

What inspired you to create this book

Survival. Not mine, but my stories. I wanted to make sure they didn't sit and collect virtual dust on my computer forever. I took a leap of faith on the advice of a friend and self-published them.

What genre do you write in and why did you choose it

Horror mostly. Sometimes a little sci-fy or humor, but horror is the eight hundred pound gorilla of my writing.

How do you think you have evolved creatively from when you first started writing until now

By leaps and bounds. Joining has really helped me. The community of writers there is truly exceptional and helpful.

What was the most rewarding

Seeing my first book in paperback form. That was beyond compare.

If you had to start over, is there anything you would do different

I'd start writing when I was much younger.

Are you a planner type person, or do you prefer to dive right in when you write

I read one person describe it as a 'Pantser'. They meant it in a derogatory way, but I own it. I fly by the seat of my pants when I write. Once I land, then it's time to edit.

How much dialogue do you have with your readers

Quite a bit, actually. Through Fanstory, readers can comment and review my writing. Most are very helpful.

Do they influence your writing

Absolutely. If a reader sees a problem and tells me about it, I will go back and look over the problem spot and change it fi needed. Whatever is best for the story is what I do.

Do you recommend being a part of a support groups to help you with your writing

Definitely. Having other writers looking out for you and your work is an amazing help.

Do you work with an editor If so, how much input do they have

I haven't worked with a specific editor for an entire novel. I used a service to have my first book edited.

Was there anyone in your past that you think influenced your writing

Mike Battaglia. A friend and fellow author. His book 'The Danforth State Mental Hospital' helped me to realize that other writers out there have a similar style to mine.

Do you have any tips or useful resources on marketing

Be careful. Do your homework. Don't be lured in by the promise of thousands of clicks or tweets or whatever else. It only matters if people actually read the book. Take time to build your network and brand. I know everyone says 'build your platform' anymore, but it's true. If you try to push too fast too soon you'll only end up frustrated. Don't count on your book for revenue. If you 'hit it big' that's great, but counting on your book for revenue when you're just starting out is like playing the lottery and counting on it for revenue. It's doomed to failure.

How are you publishing this book? (Indie / self-published, traditional)

Self-published through Createspace and Amazon.

What are your thoughts on book series

I love them. This book is part of a series.

How long do you think a book should be? (Pages or words)

It all depends on what you're looking for. With my collections of short stories I wouldn't expect it to be 500 pages.

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers

Ask politely.

What advice would you give to your younger self today

Start writing sooner. Much sooner.

What is your favorite book or film

Book: FrankensteinMovie: The Dark Knight

If you don’t already have one, do you have plans to have a book trailer and what are your thoughts on them overall

I would like to have a book trailer, but right now it isn't in my budget. I may try to make my own, when I get time.

What are you working on next

The sequel to my novel along with a few more Fragments of Fear volumes of short stories.

When you get frustrated, how do you deal with it


What advice would you give a writer that is just starting out

Don't think you're going to make a lot of money. Do it for the love of writing.

About the Author

Michael Kelso

Michael Kelso has been a writer for more than nine years. A self taught writer, photographer, musician, poet. Avid reader and writer. Favorite genres include Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Humor, Religious, to name a few. His goal with his writing is not only to entertain, but also to make readers think. Only recently, with the advent of kindle direct publishing, has he been willing and able to share his stories with the world. He continues to write short stories, has published his first novelette on Amazon, and is also currently working on two fiction novels. He also designs and photographs all of his own story covers. His first crime fiction novel will be released on 9-13-17.