Freedom: Defeating the bullies – a personal journey

Freedom: Defeating the bullies – a personal journey

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This was a difficult story to write. Few people really knew how much my son and our family went through during those awful years; the bruises, beatings, harassment and verbal abuse. Hounded from our home, I finally took matters into my own hands and took action. Every parent owes it to their child to take every possible step – however hard that may be – to protect them from harm both physically and emotionally. Stand up to the authorities until you get some answers. Be single-minded and determined. Do whatever it takes to keep your child safe. I urge every parent whose child is being severely bullied to act now, before it’s too late. The purpose of this book is to encourage parents who think their child is being bullied to take action. If you know a parent whose child is suffering, please give them a copy of this book. With Foreword by Carrie Herbert, MBE Founder of Red Balloon Learner Centres, a place for the recovery of severely bullied children – ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO RED BALLOON.

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The true story of a family's struggle against the devastating effects of bullying.

About the Author

Jane Finch

I have always needed to write. I remember at school sneaking to the far end of the playing field at break times with paper and pen and just scribbling down short stories and poems. Now after twenty-five years working in English Law I am free to write and that's what I tend to do all day - together with reviewing other people's work and turning my hand to script-writing.