Life After

Life After

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He snaps out of it as he smells the strong odor of gunpowder and his ears are ringing from the gunshot… Paul talks about that horrific day in great detail. He tells his story of the events leading up to this day and the days that follow. Paul talks about the five years he served in juvenile facilities, his struggle with self-mutilation, alcohol and drug abuse, and the internal torment. He takes us through the emotional and mental struggle that took place over a number of years. Paul’s life took a downward spiral that would prove to destroy him and possibly cost him his very soul. That’s just the first half of Paul’s story as his life was drastically changed when he came into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. He talks about the struggle for forgiveness that lasted for a quarter of a century and how God is healing his heart. Join Paul as he shares in great detail, his life story and the transformation that took place as he found forgiveness through his Savior’s love. Tetelestai (It is finished!)

About the Author

Paul Holway

Paul Holway has been called to share his story and he has chosen to share it through writing as well as public speaking. The Lord has put a burden on his heart for people who have a lifetime of hurt and regrets and are looking for the hope of redemption. Paul has played lead guitar and bass guitar on worship teams throughout the years. He has had the privilege of having his testimony published in two other books, "It's a God Thing" and "Trials and Triumphs". He has had the honor of being interviewed on air by the KLOVE morning show, Whatever it Takes and El Shaddai radio shows, and Take 12 Recovery Radio. He is also a member of the Luis Palau ministry, Next Generation Alliance. Paul, along with his wife and son, reside in Salem, Oregon. You can contact Paul at