Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion

Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion

By   Publisher  AnotherView Publishing

ISBN  978-0978856502


Published in   Philosophy, Religion Spirituality, Self-Help,


A layman’s odyssey every Atheist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic or Spiritual seeker should ponder!
‘Creative Nonfiction’ Eloquently weaving fiction with historical facts, “Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion” is a captivating, comparative, and enlightening mystery of one man’s search for the truth about God, Secularism and Spirituality

“Devastated by his young daughter’s tragic death, Jacob is determined to find God to ask Him why He allowed her tragedy to occur. No longer sure where to find Him, or if God truly exists, Jacob travels through the ‘Ancient Gates of Abraham’ to wander across the contradictory and prejudiced roads within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion. Repeatedly challenged to remain open-minded he engages religious leaders, devout followers, agnostics and atheists along passages as ‘Born again Street’, ‘Fundamentalist Drive’, ’Junction of the Majority’, ‘Path of Disbelief’, and many more, in common sense conversations to understand why their philosophy alone will lead him to God, or prove God’s non-existence. Yet the further he travels the more confused he becomes, and it is not until his arduous journey nears its end that he recognizes a culminating revelation – insight he was not expecting to unearth.”

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The Alchemist; follow dreams. Little Prince; expose bigotry. 'Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion; tolerance [respect for differing beliefs]

About the Author


Marine, Vietnam Veteran, Bank Manager, and over 30 successful years in corporate executive marketing, business development, operations and sales. Married, father of three sons, and grandfather to a granddaughter and three grandsons. I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Business Management. I wrote my first book; “Stop, before you lose your time, money and/or reputation” (in the wrong internet business) in 2002. Please be forewarned, it needs much revision; which maybe one day I will get to. My second book is the award-winning, “Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion,” revised in 2010. An intriguing and educational ‘creative non-fictional’ story of one man’s journey to find the truth about God. Passing through the mystical ‘Gates of Abraham’, he engages believers along the divergent roads of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Secular and Spirituality beliefs. I have also written a few short stories, the most prominent to-date being “The Demons of War are Persistent.” A personal story, on this site for comments and dialogue, of prolonged PTSD. Written to help veterans and families break the stigma of PTSD and seek help, instead of falling into the abyss of destitution or suicide. Other poems, short stories, articles, etc., will be added on an ongoing basis. I hope to keep in touch through your “constructive” blog postings. Semper Fi! AW Schade Twitter @awschade [email protected] GoogleVoice 863-852-1077