Unconditional Forbidden Love

Unconditional Forbidden Love

By   Publisher  BalboaPressAU

ISBN  1452504075

ANSI  1452504075

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I won’t be the last woman who found true love and her soul mate in the arms of a ‘Forbidden Fruit’ that belonged to another. I won’t be the last woman to endure the heart and head struggle with right and wrong, for love and desire. I won’t be the last woman to surrender her heart, her soul and her body to a man, only to have it taken by him and then discarded. Nor will I be the last woman who endures the hurt, the pain and the loss at losing the love of her life and her soul mate and in such an insensitive and cowardly manner. He won’t be the last man who found himself loving two women at once. Nor will he be the last man to succumb to temptation and desire in the arms of another woman, having to eventually decide on one, knowing full well that the discarded one will be ultimately hurt. This book of poetry is dedicated to the only man I have ever really loved; to the man who used to call me ‘Gorgeous’; to the man who told me I was amazing and too intelligent for him. This book is for the man who picked me up from the depths of despair after a horrible and emotionally abusive marriage; who showed me that there is nothing that I can’t do if I want to bad enough and; most importantly; to the man who showed me how to love him unconditionally and then; chose to severe me from his life with a text message, despite promising that he never would. All of these poems have been written from my heart for him and him alone. This book of poetry is for you, My Love, My Soul Mate, My Eros, and My Adonis, all rolled into one.

About the Author

Vicki Case

Vicki Case is a talented & inspiring Australian writer & poetess. During the daylight hours she is an internationally certified criminal analyst working with an Australian Law Enforcement Agency. During the nocturnal hours and on the weekends she creates inspirational & soul revealing poetry. Vicki's poetry has grown from prose of love and loss to poetic verse about Australia and all of its beauty. Vicki is now turning her talent from authoring poetry to writing fiction and non-fiction novels.