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Biography :  My book "And Other Sheep I Have Which Are Not Of This Fold; Them I Must Bring Also," is a book of the author's testimonies of God's saving grace and mercy. The author, Brother Calvin Allen discloses how God brought him back from death twice, after pursuing a lifestyle of destruction with the use of chemicals, and God's plan to save the "Outcasts" of our generation. It is a must read book that will bring life to even the worst sinner; a carefully and Spiritually edifying book that speaks clearly of God's love and devotion to All His children, but especially the SINNER. God loves the sinner so much that He gave His life to give them eternal life, and a life filled with joy, peace, and prosperity while here on earth. This book has received top reviews from people who makes it their business to rate books as they see them. You are encouraged to download a copy of the kindle version, the nook or the paperback from the following online bookstore websites:,,,,

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