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Biography :  Candy Ann is a self published indie author, freelance model, published model, photographer, entrepreneur, and a spiritualist. Born (May 29, 1992) in Akron, Ohio and was raised in the suburbs of Green with two siblings; an older brother and a younger sister. Candy and her sister resided with their widowed mother, who struggled with drug addiction and substance abuse; and suffered from psychological disorders. July 2013, she had published a poetry book, “Love Lust and the Cold Hand of Suicide”; a small collection of compelling poetry. With the writings that capture the animosity, love, optimism, darkness, and deep depression; from her early teenage years filled with drugs, hatred, misery and fear. During the year of 2005, Candy had a hardback book published with her teacher’s help. The book was never sold in stores and to this day she has the only copy that was ever printed. She had then begun to write poetry and short stories in the hardback journals her grandmother bought her. She would write down her thoughts, feelings and emotions; along with exactly how she felt growing up. Writing had become a more frequent hobby of interest for her after the death of her stepfather in 2004. It had helped her through her animosity for her rough childhood growing up; the endless battle of sorrow; as well as her lifelong struggle with bipolar manic-depression and schizophrenia. During Candy Ann’s early-teen to mid-teen years, she had countless of times locked herself in her bedroom and write for endless hours. Very seldom did she ever leave her room. Through-out her childhood of writing poetry, she has received many rewards; such as certificates, and being published in the local newspapers. Along with being published on multiple of poetry websites for her outstanding work. Candy has set plans to keep writing and to publish another poetry book, along with many other different genres of books.

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