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Biography :  Cristina Istrati is an award winning published author, living in Romania (Bucharest). She wrote her first book ( a romance novel called Seductive Ambiguity) at age 21. In March, 2009 she published it. The book was very well received by the critics and in January 2011, Cristina is awarded with Mihai Eminescu International Literature Prize. Cristina has appeared on national television- TVR Cultural and BI TV giving interviews on her book. In May 2011 she finished writing the manuscript of her second book – a historical romance novel called Noble Temptation. Along that, Cristina writes articles for magazines and posts on her blog. She is also a children`s author, working on her first fantasy novel. She loves interacting with other writers so she started her own online group called Creative Writing Source. At a personal level, Cristina loves simple things, that bring joy to her soul. She loves life, she loves people and all the rest that God has created on this planet. “I truly believe that somewhere above exists a great, amazing force and we can see its wonderful and beautiful presence if we only look around us. I find my inspiration in nature and in the wonderful words that it whispers: Love, Harmony, Diversity, Creativity, Magic. Writing is my biggest passion in life and I do believe that it is the very purpose for which I was born.”

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