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Elaine T. Jones

Website : http://www.elainetjones.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/elaine.t.jones.1

Twitter : https://twitter.com/elainetjones

Biography :  Elaine T Jones I am a retired educator who has always been active in my community as a: community organizer, church worker, volunteer, mentor, and activity coordinator. I did my undergraduate studies at Drexel University, and my graduate studies at Temple University. I am the author of two novels - “Aunt Donsy’s Trunk” and “Price Road,” and the writer of an award winning documentary about the Black Firefighter’s, “The Valiants Ins.” I speak for schools, congregations, and organizations emphasizing the thrill and excitement of researching and compiling the family genealogy. I have taught creative writing classes for teenagers inspiring them to record the stories around them; additionally, I have conducted seminars for adults that encourage them to place a value on the sharing of their memories - no matter how insignificant they may believe them to be. I am adamant about the preservation and understanding of the challenges and triumphs of our history (Black / African American) in order for us to hold on to our identity and focus on our future with a purpose … Our Stories- Our Truth!

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