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Biography :  ABOUT ME I'm a professional author with 11 books and 200 published articles as well as 42 produced scripts. Although I wear many hats, writing has been my livelihood and passion since age twelve. Currently the CEO and co-owner of a company dedicated to environmental solutions, I have travelled extensively: sailed across the Atlantic and the Pacific—was the skipper of a million-dollar yacht at the age of 24 in New Zealand and in 1989 survived cyclone Harry, a Category 4. I walked three times over the Andes into the Amazon jungle with Native Indians, took part in gold survey expeditions in Ecuador's rain forests, cycled across South America, built wooden houses, advised Ecuador's Central Bank on currency design; these, and many other experiences, are invariably being weaved into my writing. Bio - when short isn't short enough Leonardo Wild (1966). Though now I am a full-time writer in Ecuador, I have resided in 5 countries and traveled through another 40 in the Americas, Europe, Oceania and Asia. I have worked on numerous jobs, some aboard sailboats for over two years (skipper on a 70-foot ketch yacht New Zealand and instructor aboard a school ship during an Atlantic crossing), designed and constructed wooden houses, among others. I have written more than 200 articles on various subjects for magazines both in Ecuador and Spain, and have published/produced both fiction, non-fiction, TV scripts, documentaries and done various translations. The latest on a book of my own authorship is THE GALAPAGOS AGENDA, by Suspense Publishing. As a scriptwriter, I have worked as a corporate image consultant, marketing consultant and translator for technical manuals for TOYOTA, Ecuador. The writing life I began writing at the age of twelve. I still have, from those days, five unpublished, handwritten manuscript-novels in Spanish. My professional writing career began in 1994 when I started to publish a series of weekly articles for one of the main cultural magazines of Ecuador's national newspapers (La Hora). After a year of freelancing, I was asked to become part of the editorial team for La Hora Cultural, as well as to supply the Sunday Magazine with another two weekly (freelanced) articles, both on ecology as well as related to science or technology. In total, Ive published nearly 200 articles in various national magazines, some having been re-printed in Spain by the Spanish/Galician magazine Finis Terrae. The articles on ecology and technology caught the interest of one of Ecuador's main educational publishing companies, LIBRESA, which was in the process of printing a second version of my adventure novel that describes the life of those who work for gold-survey corporations in Ecuador's mountainous jungles. The first version of Oro en la selva had been published only six months before (1996) for Ecuador's National Library System of the Ministry of Education (SINAB Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas). LIBRESA asked me to write a book on ecology (Ecología al rojo vivo - 1998), which won the Municipality of Quito's Honorable Mention Isabel Tobar Guarderas for best social science book of the year. I met Hans-Christian Kirsch Frederik Hetmann, a well-known German writer, during a tall-ship crossing of the Atlantic when I was working as an Educational Officer aboard Friedtjof Nansen, a German-run school-ship. Hans-Christian Kirsch took one of my English manuscripts to his publishers in Germany and, presently, one of the editors (whod been in charge of buying the rights for Gaarders Sophies World for Hanser Verlag) agreed to have my novel translated and published at the new company he went to work for, Carlsen. It was published by Carlsen Verlag under the title Unemotion: Roman Über die Zukunft der Gefühle - Unemotion: Novel About the Future of Emotions, which won the Owl of the Month in April of 1997 given out by the Bulletin Jugend & Literatur, as well as having been chosen among the Seven Best in March 1997 by Deutschlandradio and Focus Magazine. My writings have always tried to present certain concerns about different aspects of life with plotlines shaped to include in the fiction elements of depth, of social or even philosophical concern. Such was the case with the Young Adult book The Ultimate Adventure (published by C. Bertelsmann as Extrem! 2001), an adventure novel about the philosophy of adventure: What drives human beings to go on adventures? Is it just escapism? Or is it something that runs deeper within us? Is it just a romantic word for trouble, as Louis L'Amour wrote, or is it a striving to make the impossible feasible, as Chris Bonnington claims? My life has taken me through many different paths, and though I am a citizen of the United States, I've spent most of my time in Ecuador, where Im a permanent resident. Although I went to college in the United States (Virginia), I didn't attain my degree not for lack of good grades, but because I realized that it wouldn't have helped me in my writing career, whereas writing and a life of varied experiences would provide me with a richer first-hand knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of life. Specialties: Writing, film directing, screenwriting, open ocean sailing, SCUBA diver, design and construction of wooden houses, tour guide, travel agent, marketing and corporate image consultant.

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