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Biography :  Mary Esparza-Vela and her husband, A. M. Vela, are award-winning authors who have published 30 picture books and 12 short stories. Three of Mary’s short stories received Honorable Mention from Writers Digest and 13 picture books received Book of the Year and Family Choice awards, in addition to Five Star Seals from Readers Favorite. Mary’s short story, Visiting Angel, was recently picked up by Chicken Soup for the Soul. The book will be available in book stories on November 1, 2016. Due to a demand for Spanish-language books, Mary and her husband have started writing and publishing bilingual and Spanish books. The books are entertaining and deal with subjects like bullying, lost teeth, crossed eyes, acceptance, fears, patience, disabilities, overeating, responsibility, teasing, faith, imagination, respect, cleanliness, pets, etc. You are welcome to see the books at

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