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Biography :  I have spent more than 17 years working for major companies in the food industry, manufacturing, distribution, and the financial industry and moved from entry level accounting positions to Mid-West Regional Budget manager with a major communications corporation. One of my assignments with a prominent Accounting firm was with a non-profit agency. I found that I enjoyed non-profit accounting and was blessed with the ability to understand the process of non-profit accounting, compliance, and systems and unlike many in the field I have been able to accomplish my goals to contribute to the non-profit community thru accounting. In 1990 I moved from Corporate America to the Non-Profit industry and never looked back. I have received compliments and referrals from funding agents on the systems and processes I have put in place to ensure organizations’ are able to become compliant and stay in compliance. As an accountant, I have worked with non-profit organizations providing services that include A-133 audit preparation, organizational compliance with OMB and other regulating agencies, including compliance with GAAP and FASB regulations. With a programming background I specializes in setting up and implementing accounting systems and processes specifically for fund/grant accounting.

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