Operation King Cobra

Operation King Cobra

By   Publisher  Tate Publishing

ISBN  1627466290

ANSI  1627466290

Published in   Action & Adventure, Fiction, History, Mystery Thrillers, War,


A tidal wave of terror sweeps southern Asia after the Japanese capture Hong Kong and Singapore. Over a one hundred thousand American, British, Canadian, and Indian prisoners of war are put to work building a Japanese railroad in some of the toughest jungle terrain in Asia; tens of thousands die of malnutrition, starvation, malaria, and Japanese mistreatment. Thousands of allied military and civilian prisoners are killed by illegal biological and chemical experiments conducted by a secret Japanese Army research program. The Japanese appear to be unstoppable.
When the US Army Chief of Staff implements Operation King Cobra and sends the highly trained and swarthy special missions agent Jonathan Preston into Asia, things begin to turnaround.
After Preston teams up with two British Special Operations Executive agents, Miles Murphy and Henri Morreau, the trio wreaks havoc on Japanese supply lines, foils sabotage, and assassination attempts by Japanese agents, frees allied prisoners of war, and begins shutting down the secret biological and chemical warfare programs of the Japanese Army’s Unit 731.
After nearly a year of solid success, a Japanese hit team is now after the Cobra trio. When the two teams collide there is only one outcome: death.
Operation King Cobra is based on the true story of an American clandestine agent from Ohio.

About the Author


Steve Doherty is a retired air force officer and former research scientist with Battelle Memorial Institute and engineer with Lucent Technologies. He grew up in the small community of Muldoon, Texas. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Texas State University, a master’s degree from Chapman University, a doctorate from the United States Air Force and completed post-graduate work at The Ohio State University. While in the air force Steve flew the KC-135A and T-43A aircraft.