There and Now (Volume 1)

There and Now (Volume 1)

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This volume of a four-part autobiography was written to help those middle school students and teenagers who are facing bullies, having suicidal thoughts, or feel that they have no one to turn to for help. Eric understands your pain and frustration being that he was bullied in school and in his neighborhood for many years because he wore glasses and did not dress as well as others. One day, Eric stood up to confront the challenges as he had grown tired of it. Fortunately, it was done so positively in light of so many negative ways to address stressful circumstances.  Eric advises you to do so as well.  Parents must realize that children are in more need of their help and support during these crucial stages of adolescence.  The best has yet to come if you are a teen facing these challenges.  Don’t worry.  Eric understands and has lived through the pain and survived. He wants you to do the same and knows that you can.

What is the Tag Line for your book? (A short description of your book in a sentence or two)


Do you write full time or part time

Part Time

How do you structure your day when you write

Early mornings between 10 AM - 12 PM are the best times for me.

Why do you write? (Example; For fun, to make extra money, a personal experience you want to share with the public)

To share my personal experiences to those who are younger than I

What inspired you to create this book

Growing up in urban America with little money, being bullied, and learning the acts of how to survive

What genre do you write in and why did you choose it

Family and RelationshipsBecause it is important that families hear the cries of their own particularly the introverted

How much research did you do on your book? (If it applies)

Some research but not necessarily applied.

How do you think you have evolved creatively from when you first started writing until now

The story keeps developing as will be explained in later volumes. The facts are the same and circumstances tend to vary depending on a number of factors.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book for you

Giving up some of my diamonds in the rough.

What was the most rewarding

Getting the story out before I pass away.

If you had to start over, is there anything you would do different

Advertising could have been done better.

How have you evolved from when you first started writing until now

I'm relieved.

Are you a planner type person, or do you prefer to dive right in when you write

I dive right in.

Do they influence your writing


Do you recommend being a part of a support groups to help you with your writing


Do you work with an editor If so, how much input do they have


Was there anyone in your past that you think influenced your writing

One editor but I declined to move further after the first chapter of editing.

Do you have any tips or useful resources on marketing

Prepare to suffer a bit in the beginning. Don't rely on social media. The numbers don't translate into sales directly. Advertise yourself.

How are you publishing this book? (Indie / self-published, traditional)


What are your thoughts on book series

It will be a hit.

How long do you think a book should be? (Pages or words)

100 pages or less

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers

Find the honest ones.

What advice would you give to your younger self today

Go back to school and finish your bachelor's at all costs.

What is your favorite book or film


If you don’t already have one, do you have plans to have a book trailer and what are your thoughts on them overall

I would like one. It is a great way to advertise.

What are you working on next

There and Now: Volume 2

When you get frustrated, how do you deal with it

I close off all channels

What advice would you give a writer that is just starting out

Be patient. Keep your words truthful.

About the Author

Eric Reese

Eric Reese was born and raised in Philadelphia and is the recipient of the first Mayoral Scholarship of Philadelphia (1993) and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Human Relations Award (1989). Eric began having interest in writing since elementary school (morning journals). After years of traveling around the world, he now finds time to write stories based on real-life scenarios. In his spare time, Eric plays video games and follows the NBA, NFL and World Football.