There and Now (Volume 2)

There and Now (Volume 2)

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ISBN  1542498945

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Published in   Drama, Non Fiction, Parenting, Short Stories, Teen Young Adult,


Moving on from the trenches of harassment and peer pressure, Eric continues his mission to figure out what life is all about. The traps laid in the hood for inner-city adolescents are real. The late 80’s are in effect. Crack, HIV, corruption, and urban warfare are epitomizing the population. What should he do? How does hip-hop play a role? Will the 90’s be better or worse? Questions that only he can answer and does so well in this latest volume.

What is the Tag Line for your book? (A short description of your book in a sentence or two)

He's a 90's kid for sure.

Do you write full time or part time


How do you structure your day when you write

Early mornings between 10AM - 12PM are the best times for me.

Why do you write? (Example; For fun, to make extra money, a personal experience you want to share with the public)

To share my personal experiences to those who are younger than I.

What are you working on right now / or your most recent work

An essay entitled "Why do you want to come to America?"

What inspired you to create this book

Growing up in urban America with little money, few chances of success and learning what it takes to survive.

What genre do you write in and why did you choose it

Non-Fiction, Parenting and Relationships, primarily because it gives both the child and parent untold insights on how to deal with each other during those crucial times of adolescence to becoming a young adult.

How much research did you do on your book? (If it applies)

Some research but not necessarily applied.

How do you think you have evolved creatively from when you first started writing until now

The story keeps developing as will be explained in later volumes. The facts are the same and circumstances tend to vary depending on a number of factors.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book for you

Revealing the hardships.

What was the most rewarding

Putting my story out there before passing away, no doubt.

If you had to start over, is there anything you would do different

I'd hire a publicist and connect with more writers in my field to push me to write more.

How have you evolved from when you first started writing until now

I'm doing my best and it is a challenge.

Are you a planner type person, or do you prefer to dive right in when you write

I usually dive right in.

How much dialogue do you have with your readers

As of late, more than before.

Do they influence your writing

Not really but I need them in order to recall certain events.

Do you recommend being a part of a support groups to help you with your writing


Do you work with an editor If so, how much input do they have

None for this volume. I wanted to do it myself. It took more editing than the last one.

Was there anyone in your past that you think influenced your writing

Not really but I do enjoy Michael Baisen stories.

Do you have any tips or useful resources on marketing

Get active on social media. Find your genre and post away. Don't just promote your book.

How are you publishing this book? (Indie / self-published, traditional)


What are your thoughts on book series

I'm all for it.

How long do you think a book should be? (Pages or words)

Still 150 pages or less. Let's see where the next volume goes.

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers

I try to target Generation X primarily who are westerners.

What advice would you give to your younger self today

Go back to school for your bachelor's even if it is online.

What is your favorite book or film


If you don’t already have one, do you have plans to have a book trailer and what are your thoughts on them overall

I need one. Who wants to help?

What are you working on next

An essay entitled "Why do you want to come to America?". I feel that it's a topic that should be addressed in the positive and negative light of current events.

When you get frustrated, how do you deal with it

I tune everyone out and keep it moving by myself.

What advice would you give a writer that is just starting out

Be patient. Learn your niche. Consult with your peers.

About the Author

Eric Reese

Eric Reese was born and raised in Philadelphia and is the recipient of the first Mayoral Scholarship of Philadelphia (1993) and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Human Relations Award (1989). Eric began having interest in writing since elementary school (morning journals). After years of traveling around the world, he now finds time to write stories based on real-life scenarios. In his spare time, Eric plays video games and follows the NBA, NFL and World Football.