Wanderlust and the Whiskey Bottle Parallel: Poems and Stories


In this second volume of poetry and other musings, Matthes explores the valleys and peaks of the opposite sex; the precipices and the great abyss that is childhood and the inevitable if not involuntary surrender of innocence…and the hunger to preserve it. Death. Passing on. The unfathomable depths of sleep and other forms of respite. Dreamscaping and nightmare-unleashing. Matthes unleashes the beasts within us upon the blank, unused, and forgotten pages of our stories, and tears them to shreds. Much like his previous work of poetry, “The Kaleidoscope Syndrome”, Matthes conveys his themes through short thought-phrases and long literary pauses, paying beloved homage to the style of Bukowski and Jim Morrison. “Wanderlust and the Whiskey Bottle Parallel” is more than mere poetry, it is a collection of thoughts and remembrances, nostalgia and introspection, cataloged for the preserving of that glow within us all, that one way or another…is designed to fade and eventually be completely and unforgivably stomped out. Also includes the stories “As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us”, “Death Tokes a Holiday”, and others.

About the Author

Dave Matthes

Born in South Jersey in the Summer of '86. Living everywhere else. Like most self-proclaimed authors, Matthes generally focuses his writing on matters and subjects that he either enjoys or forces him to question in a style that is influenced by a strong desire to be different. Matthes don't always write for the sole purpose of entertainment; mostly, especially with "The Slut Always Rides Shotgun", and "The Passive Aggressors", his writing consists of very upfront and brutally, and at times disgustingly honest insight. He writes because he has to, because it's the canvas to his soul, and the palette to his subconscious. Matthes has written everything from scattered forms of poetry, to songs, to non-fiction and fiction novels. His first completed novel, "The Slut Always Rides Shotgun", a narrative/ journal of his life, has generally run Underground in its level of world-wide recognition. Since releasing his aforementioned "journal", it's inspired the writing of the sequel "The Passive Aggressors", and a third, completely unrelated work of fiction, "In This House, We Lived, and We Died". Matthes is also the author of the novel "Sleepeth Not, the Bastard" and two collections of poetry/ philosophy titled "The Kaleidoscope Syndrome: An Anthology" and "Wanderlust and the Whiskey Bottle Parallel". His newest work "Bar Nights" is the first in the planned "The Mire Man Trilogy".