Youthful Aging: A Baby Boomers’ Guide to Physical Strength, Mental Dexterity, and Spiritual Vitality

Youthful Aging: A Baby Boomers’ Guide to Physical Strength, Mental Dexterity, and Spiritual Vitality

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An informational and uniquely uplifting eBook about aging and longevity. You will find information about various ailments, supplements, and other ways to enjoy your life as you get older. You will be able to embrace your years in a deeper, more fulfilling way.

What is the Tag Line for your book? (A short description of your book in a sentence or two)

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Uplifting information about holistic health and its relation to longevity and aging.

Do you write full time or part time


How do you structure your day when you write

I write in the morning, and then exercise - come back and eat and then write again. Some times I will have other things to do, and so I skip going to the gym or dancing and write instead the whole day - maybe if I have a meeting to go to in the evening or something.

Why do you write? (Example; For fun, to make extra money, a personal experience you want to share with the public)

I write because its been my dream since I was a child. I also write for extra money, but I started with the desire to write from the heart. However, I found work writing for search engine optimization and ghost writing - which I'm glad for because I would not have learned how to become such a good writer if I didn't start with that first.

What are you working on right now / or your most recent work

I'm working on a book for one of my clients.

What inspired you to create this book

I actually wrote this book for a client who decided he didn't want to pay me for it (which he is going to regret!) - the layout and information is set up fabulously - I'm actually glad he turned me down because I put so much time into this and its my best book yet! I learned a lot writing this book, and my writing is actually 10 times better because of it!

What genre do you write in and why did you choose it

Non-Fiction - health and wellness, holistic health, spirituality - because I'm passionate about bringing others into complete alignment in terms of their spirits, souls, and bodies - perfect health in every way possible! Feeling 100% each day is a goal that is NOT unreachable IMHO.

How much research did you do on your book? (If it applies) is apparent as you read the book and go to the reference page.

How do you think you have evolved creatively from when you first started writing until now

I didn't even know what creativity was back then - I wanted it, but NEVER thought I would be able to grasp it. Now, my life is so tuned into my creativity that I don't know how I ever lived without it. My intuition is so much more developed than it used to be. I'm reaching heights and depths that I only used to dream about. I just need to figure out this whole marketing thing first and then I'll be on my way.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book for you

Research definitely - and getting everything into the proper place.

What was the most rewarding

Seeing the finished project.

If you had to start over, is there anything you would do different

Not at all.

How have you evolved from when you first started writing until now

I have learned time management skills, am more in tune with my spiritual side, and know so much about the internet, SEO, content marketing, and even graphic design that I didn't know before. I learned graphic design for fun - I needed something else to accompany my creative writing skills, hence self-teaching of graphic design. Im' still an amateur but I have goals to continue my growth in this area as well.

Are you a planner type person, or do you prefer to dive right in when you write

I always plan ahead. I used to dive in, but it just got confusing. Now, I begin with an outline, and change it as I go along if needed.

How much dialogue do you have with your readers

I don't have readers yet. As far as blogs and articles and eBooks I've written for my clients - I'm considered a ghost writer, so I never had any dialogue with those readers because I could not. I'm just beginning to get my own name out there.

Do they influence your writing

If I had readers - they would undoubtedly influence my writing - I don't want to write something that people won't read. And, I want to write those things that people want and need!

Do you recommend being a part of a support groups to help you with your writing

Not sure - I'm a loner, but I definitely would give it a shot. I'm open to almost anything.

Do you work with an editor If so, how much input do they have

No - I'm my own editor.

Was there anyone in your past that you think influenced your writing

I used to read Danielle Steel as a teenager - but that was fiction. I don't write fiction. I have read many self-help books, and I really like spiritual books too.

Do you have any tips or useful resources on marketing

Without social media, its difficult to get your name and your stuff out there. You've got to have social media in as many forms as possible. This is the difficult part - but I have a client who specializes in this area, so we will be trading service for service here soon to help me get off the ground - I write for him, and he fixes my website and helps me set up social media (in the right way).

How are you publishing this book? (Indie / self-published, traditional)

Self-published - I think it's been 3 months on Kindle now, so I might branch out to something else, just not sure what yet.

What are your thoughts on book series

I have a plan for my spiritual book to extend it into a 3 part series. Can't wait!

How long do you think a book should be? (Pages or words)

100 pages at the least - double spaced, with images of course. But 150-200 is even better!

Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers

Nope. Have no idea what to do here.

What advice would you give to your younger self today

You should have sought out writing and SEO/online marketing way before going to college - I think I would have majored in that instead.

What is your favorite book or film

Too many - but all non-fiction. I don't read fiction - at all.

If you don’t already have one, do you have plans to have a book trailer and what are your thoughts on them overall

Nope - I think they will be overlooked and a waste of time. Plus, I'm an introvert so I couldn't make one of those.

What are you working on next

I'm working on a law of attraction book, a book about addiction, and a spiritual inspirational book. I'm also working on a website called and just got approved for 2 affiliates and have 2 fantastic business partners who are also on the hunt for living a holistically healthy lifestyle.

When you get frustrated, how do you deal with it

I pray, I sing, I listen to music, I exercise, I swim, and I talk to my husband.

What advice would you give a writer that is just starting out

Don't expect to make much money. This should be your side job - if at all. If you have lots in savings and just want to play around with your time - then go into full force, not expecting to make much, but just to learn. Keep writing and submitting work; find online agencies and clients - but only if you know what content marketing is first. I believe that writing for businesses is a great way to learn how to write anything! Use if you want to take some online "classes" for like $30-$50 per month - you get access to marketing, graphic design, and website teaching services/videos!

About the Author


I'm a content marketer, graphic designer, and I also have my own personal favorites I love to write about. This is where the eBooks come in to play. When I ghostwriter for my clients, I write whatever they need - whether its my personal favorite or not. I have over 1,000 blogs/articles under my belt along with a few eBooks. I create my own book covers, edit my own work, and make sure it's all good. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a Masters in Human Services/Executive Leadership, and am currently working on a Master's in Pastoral Counseling/addictions cognate at Liberty University. My new website is and I'm working on making lots of changes still. It's only up because there's no reason I can't get exposure even while I'm in the creative process. I have 2 affiliates with the site - and have never done this before - trying my hand at something new.